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The Future of Architectural Visualization

In the realm of architecture, advancements in technology have rapidly shifted the way in which architects, designers and developers have conceptualized schematic designs in the past decade. Looking back, even 10 years ago, many firms were still using hand-drawn sketches as supplements to blueprints for a new project.

As computer technology has become more prominently used in the workplace, commercial software like AutoCAD (computer-aided design) has become the universal standard for Architectural and Development Firms. With this software, designers could create 3D wire frame models that could be converted into 3D photorealistic high quality images..

From this, more in depth models and renderings have evolved with 3D floor plans, fly-by animations, light and shadow study renderings, becoming the norm for Firms to create before a facility is constructed. And while all of these progressions in multimedia have helped to both predict more accurate construction requirements for facilities and helped stakeholders better visualize projects before they’ve been built, there has still been a significant gap between one’s pre-built perceptions and the post-constructed reality.

3DSR Architectural Renderings has built a reputation as visionaries for new architectural frontiers, partnering with some of the top Architecture, Developer and Marketing Firms to provide exceptional 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans to help Firms’ clients and the community to visualize projects before they are built.

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